Our Founders

December 10, 2008.jpgRev. Fred & Lois Greer have been ministering for many years.  He was an evangelist first, but in 1972 they started pastoring at a little church on Timber Tree Road in Virginia.  In 1973 the ministry moved to Gateway To Heaven Holiness Church in the West View community of Kingsport, Tennessee.  Finally, in 1979, Tri-City Apostolic Church came into existence in the Bethel community.  Through 50 years of marriage, the couple remained side by side to cross every mountain and valley in their path.  They have raised two children who both have active roles in the church.  

Pastor Greer was an annointed man of God.  He preaches and teaches the word of God with love and boldness.  A man who loves the Lord and was called to do the Lord's work.  A great leader and soldier in God's army.  Faithful for many years, Pastor Greer is always searching for new and different ways to reach souls.  He has a direct prayer line to reach God and is always ready and willing to pray for or pray with those in need.  He is a man with a vision, continuously meditating on future growth and ways to improve the church.

Sis Lois Greer is a kind and compassionate First Lady of the church.  Dedicated to caring for her family and the church.  She always has a smile on her face no matter how she feels.  She is a source of encouragement and wisdom as well as a shoulder to cry on.  She is a servant of God who helps Pastor Greer in any capacity needed and constantly tries to lift up others.